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Furniture Planters

Peter Bottazzi and Denise Bonapace are Italian furniture recyclers with websites in Italian;however, their pictures posted HERE are in my native tongue – CREATIVITY. Planters made from furniture!?

I’ll be making these for my future home and posting them here!

Thank you, Environment Team, for posting!


Furniture from Old Windows and Doors


Imentioned that I would never pass another set of drawers again!

Well, let’s add old doors and windows to the list.

Linda, a self-taught artist in Texas, makes these yard conservatories, which I found on RoboJunkers website. But, I couldn’t stop there. There are sooo many ideas on what to do with old windows and doors. You’ll just have to check it out for yourself.

CLICK to see what I’m talking about.

Thank you, RoboJunker!




Library Catalogs make great storage/furniture

Several bloggers have created new uses for a library catalog. You can find a list of them on

        courtesy of lifeandlim   

    Library Catalog as a kitchen island thanks to www.

To see more (about 11 more) uses for a library catalog, don’t forget to stop by



Have you ever walked into a store and walked out with “trash”?  Ok, not the kind of trash you’d expect to work because it’s new and you paid full price. I’m talking about the kind of trash that’s, well, “trash”.  Brooklyn based RePlayGround is that and so much more. They hold events, sell products, and host free in-store DIY projects.

ReMake It carton catchers


Check out their room divider made from film containers.


Go to for more information!