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Bookshelves Made from…books!

Jim Rosenau, of Berkley, California, has been making bookshelves from books for quite some time. He says the idea came from (mis)reading Nicholson Baker’s Books As Furniture. My first thought was… Are these really books? His answer..Yes, they are really books. I remove some of the paper and replace it with a sturdy armature of salvaged lumber.”

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Weekend DIY: Hanging My Daughter’s Art

Mrs. Ana White, your plans are certainly growing on me! For this particular project, I was inspired by your Easy Clip Art Rails. Because I live in an apartment, permanently attaching rails to the walls could either cost me or be the bain of my existence so I created a variation on Easy clip Art Rails.

Working with tiny clothes hanger clips and a glue gun, I made this with my little one.


I hot glued the pins to the walls, then created Jordan’s Art Gallery.

The best part is she can change her artwork whenever she feels like it and I don’t have to worry about nails, tape, or anything else that will work my nerve.

Thank you Ana.

Here are some other ideas for hanging your child’s art on the walls!