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I lived in Harlem, NYC for 6 years and I loved every moment of it – the history, the brownstones, the stories, the people, the music, and the food. Most of all I loved being able to jump on the train and get to where I was going. However, there were days when I couldn’t get a cab driver to take me back home – uptown to Harlem, to 149th Street. That is another can of worms I’ll open up later. Today’s DIY coffee table was inspired by yesterday’s memories of NYC.  I love you NYC. I’ll be back soon!!


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(It’s) round on the ends and high in the middle – O-HI-O! I couldn’t help it. I’m a Buckeye! However, this time I won’t be talking about football or the dance team. Instead, I’m cheering for  APOC – or A Piece Of Cleveland!

APOC, part of a deconstruction movement in the Northeast area of Ohio, rescues wood and other materials from demolished homes and uses them to build furniture. Because they are passionate about preserving the history of Cleveland, each piece of furniture comes with a Rebirth Certificate detailing the history of the wood/materials.

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Click Below to visit their website.



Furniture from Old Windows and Doors


Imentioned that I would never pass another set of drawers again!

Well, let’s add old doors and windows to the list.

Linda, a self-taught artist in Texas, makes these yard conservatories, which I found on RoboJunkers website. But, I couldn’t stop there. There are sooo many ideas on what to do with old windows and doors. You’ll just have to check it out for yourself.

CLICK to see what I’m talking about.

Thank you, RoboJunker!



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Wine Barrel Funiture

Tyson and Genine Gilbert of Mountain Hill, Texas has set a goal to transform as many wine barrels as they can. Using oak wine barrels and other quality woods, they hand make tables, chairs, bar stools, wine racks and other pieces of home furniture for homes and businesses.  The lowest price I’ve seen on their website is $379. The highest price I’ve seen so far is $6700.

CLICK to learn more about their ordering and shipping policies.

Mark Russel Lutz of Oregon also hand makes furniture from old wine barrels.

CLICK to view his pricing and shipping information.

Offering white glove delivery, California Vines, whose customer service is in Rochester, NY, also offers wholesale furniture as well. CLICK to check out their shipping rates, other products, and sales.

Vintage Cargo Wine Barrel French Market Island Wine Stave Back Bar Stool

Paul Block of Napa Valley, California is an environmentalist who asked the wine barrels what they wanted to be and they responded with…

CLICK to visit Paul’s website.

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