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Weekend DIY: Trundle-like storage made with Cardboard boxes


Our  trundle-like storage solution is a very temporary solution to a very real problem, uh, storage.

We live in a one-bedroom apartment and our 4 year-old sleeps in our bedroom. Our closet somehow fits all of our things, with the exception of those things that mini me needs to reach on a daily basis.

Solution – put it under her bed.

Because I am in the process of using one of Ana White’s plans to build a loft bed, I don’t want to buy any storage bins or dressers until the loft bed is built. I think the final project will tell me how and where everything else will need to go.

I pulled apart some boxes, taped them together, and used modpodge to adhere fabric and buttons.


Here are some other under-the-bed storage and organization ideas!



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Wine Crate Furniture

 Wine crates, made of 100% pine wood, are plentiful, functional, and oh so pretty!

 Rearranged horizontically, these wine crate shelves give a different look than the unit below. It doesn’t really matter to me. I LOVE these crates!

Putting them on the wall to make a shelving unit is pure genius. If I didn’t live in an apartment, I would have done this long time ago.

 I’ve already used wine corks to make a jewelry display board, why not use the case, right?

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Weekend DIY: Junky Trunk


Someone in our apartment building threw this (on the left) away! After I regained consciousness, I dragged it into our apartment, disinfected it, and put my child to work. Oh, you thought I was doing this by myself? Yep. Nope. As part of her well-rounded home schooled education, I will be sure that we engage ourselves in lots of hands-on projects. I just know there is a math, science, reading, and writing lesson in here somewhere.


She supervised this project. I just did all the measuring, cutting, and gluing (I used Mod Podge to adhere the fabric) and hot glue to adhere the trimming.


I’m seeing a bigger toy chest in our future!

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DIY Armoire (made with fabric)

My four-year old doesn’t watch tv. How did I do that, you ask? We don’t have cable! The only thing we have is the Roku Box, a set top device that allows you to stream Netflix movies from your online account to your television. Because television is not a focus in our one-bedroom apartment, I had to find a way to cover it. I looked high and low on the internet for ideas but couldn’t find any so I made my own. It’s an “armoire” made with fabric and wood.

How did you cover your tv?