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Bookshelves Made from…books!

Jim Rosenau, of Berkley, California, has been making bookshelves from books for quite some time. He says the idea came from (mis)reading Nicholson Baker’s Books As Furniture. My first thought was… Are these really books? His answer..Yes, they are really books. I remove some of the paper and replace it with a sturdy armature of salvaged lumber.”

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Wine Crate Furniture

 Wine crates, made of 100% pine wood, are plentiful, functional, and oh so pretty!

 Rearranged horizontically, these wine crate shelves give a different look than the unit below. It doesn’t really matter to me. I LOVE these crates!

Putting them on the wall to make a shelving unit is pure genius. If I didn’t live in an apartment, I would have done this long time ago.

 I’ve already used wine corks to make a jewelry display board, why not use the case, right?

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Hammer and Hand: Upcycled Furniture

Portland-based Hammer and Hand, is an all-in-one home building company. They’ll build your home, provide home energy services, and do the handy work. If you already have a home, they’ll even add an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unity). After all is said and done and with the help of BrightDesign Lab, they’ll even build your furniture – FROM RECYCLED MATERIALS!

STaCK is their customized shelving unit made with old bleachers and vintage locker baskets.

WRaP is their made to order table created from disassembled barn wood.

Their FARM TABLES are handmade from century-old barn wood.

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