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My First Reupholster

In 2005, I found two pieces of furniture that I couldn’t wait to beautify. The one above (purple) was dingy white and free on Craigslist. The one just below was sitting with no cushions by our dumpster.

I carefully removed the old fabric and used it as a pattern for the new fabric. A little bit of research and a lot of staples birthed my first major DIY project.

The orange and blue bench below was a bit easier since I started from scratch. After measuring the bench, I headed downtown Los Angeles to the garment district and bought foam for the seat.


After some bed time reading…

I found my “next” DIY project on Kindall’s Creations via Tip Junkie


Find a nickel, pick it up, and all day you will have…

…a couch.

YES! Johnny Swing, a Vermont-based artist, makes furniture out of money (and tables from car windshields).

He welds coins together to make couches and so far he’s made 20 nickel couches.

His philosophy: Being embraced by money is more peaceful than being enslaved by it.

CLICK to visit Johnny and don’t forget to tell him you found him on Flippin’ Factory!

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