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Shopping Cart Furniture

Ramon Coronado is one of a few folks across the globe who is taking “flipping furniture” to another level with his shopping cart furniture. Creative imagination, artistic prowess, and access to junk just about covers the criteria for all things FLIPPIN’ AWESOME!

Doug Meyer, owner of Rustic Rebirth in Ohio, not only makes chairs from shopping carts, but he even has a loveseat made from two (2) wheelchairs!

I was first introduced to Reestore, based in the U.K., when its owner was pitching his idea for a business that specializes in flipping furniture on Dragon’s Den, the Canadian (and original) version of American Inventor. Reestore also has a sofa made from a bathtub! Yep. A bathtub sofa.


Find a nickel, pick it up, and all day you will have…

…a couch.

YES! Johnny Swing, a Vermont-based artist, makes furniture out of money (and tables from car windshields).

He welds coins together to make couches and so far he’s made 20 nickel couches.

His philosophy: Being embraced by money is more peaceful than being enslaved by it.

CLICK to visit Johnny and don’t forget to tell him you found him on Flippin’ Factory!

johnny swing 1 Coolest Thing of The Day: Cash Money Furniture

MrP JohnnySwing details Coolest Thing of The Day: Cash Money Furniture

Picture 27 Coolest Thing of The Day: Cash Money Furniture

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Recycled Industrial Metal + Airplane Parts = Furniture

Tomer Peretz and Eitan Shusan are designing futuristic furniture using recycled industrial metal, airplane parts, collector cars, and glass. Together they formed Project 3000.

This wine bottle holder was made from a V6 engine, which means it holds SIX bottles of wine. Cheers!

Their custom modern furniture, made from materials and assembled in the US, is available to ship anywhere in the world.

CLICK to visit their Facebook page.


Library Catalogs make great storage/furniture

Several bloggers have created new uses for a library catalog. You can find a list of them on

        courtesy of lifeandlim   

    Library Catalog as a kitchen island thanks to www.

To see more (about 11 more) uses for a library catalog, don’t forget to stop by

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Furniture made from Newspaper

Oscar Lhermitte, currently studying the Design Product MA at the Royal College of Art in London, created seating made from newspaper, a series titled X DAYS PROJECT. What makes these items especially pleasing to us is that Oscar constructed them with out screws, glue,  or soldering.

X days project

Visit Oscar’s website at