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Flippin’ Paint

Flipping a piece of furniture can be as simple as adding a new coat of paint – as most of you already know.

I found this on Craigslist for free and sold it for $75, which included delivery.

Step 1: Sand the entire dresser (going with the grain of the wood, not against it)

Step 2: Wipe away all dust with a moist cloth. Let dry

Step 3: Remove old handles

Step 4: Fill in holes with wood puddy

Step 5: I applied 2 generous coats of white paint (I used a combo paint/primer). Let dry

Step 6: Take great photos and send to friends and family!

Check out what Mary of The Decorative Paint Brush does with her furniture. WHIMSICAL BEAUTY!!!

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Cardboard Highchair

Inspired by a friend’s need to have a place for a child to eat and sleep, Betul Madakbas, created a high chair made out of cardboard, called the Belkiz Feedaway. You’re probably wondering how a cardboard high chair can support the constant wiggle of a baby. Not to worry. The Belkiz Feedaway was developed using Standards Australia Product Safety Framework handbook, a joint initiative developed by Standards Australia and INPAA (Infant and Nursery Products Association of Australia.)/Baby Safety.

Recommended durability, strength and stability:

Toddlers from when they can sit straight and hold their head up (usually around 6 months) to 20 months of age. Weight between 6kg up to 20kg.

For more information visit their website at