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Furniture Planters

Peter Bottazzi and Denise Bonapace are Italian furniture recyclers with websites in Italian;however, their pictures posted HERE are in my native tongue – CREATIVITY. Planters made from furniture!?

I’ll be making these for my future home and posting them here!

Thank you, Environment Team, for posting!


Furniture from Old Windows and Doors


Imentioned that I would never pass another set of drawers again!

Well, let’s add old doors and windows to the list.

Linda, a self-taught artist in Texas, makes these yard conservatories, which I found on RoboJunkers website. But, I couldn’t stop there. There are sooo many ideas on what to do with old windows and doors. You’ll just have to check it out for yourself.

CLICK to see what I’m talking about.

Thank you, RoboJunker!




Benches, Bookshelves, and Planters, oh Jerome!

Jerome, of Haters Recycled Furniture, is using recycled materials to build benches, bookshelves, and planters. And by recycled materials I mean old barn wood, recycled nails, and unused paint.

Benches start at $40, Large Planters are $24 and his small planters are $16!

HERE for Jerome’s Facebook page.


A Cathedral of Junk

Vince Hannaman  started this junk project in 1988 and it has since become a tourist attraction in Austin. You can even rent it out for parties. There are no wires, nails, or glue was used to build this cathedral. He “chinese-puzzled” it together.

It took Vince 21 years to build this cathedral and now the city of Austin wants him to take it down. Oddly enough, the Visitor’s Bureau of Austin has sent hundred of tourists to his place over the last several years. Check out his Facebook page and watch the video were a city employee tries to understand exactly what he’s doing.