Curbside Connections

Minimizing Waste – Maximizing Creativity


About Curbside Connections

Curbside: that place where most of your “trash” ends up – i.e. dumpster, thrift store, basement of your apartment complex.

Connections: it’s the rate of speed at which your adrenaline  pumps when you see useful “trash” and you start to imagine all the things you can do with it. You drag into your home and turn it into something beauty-full and new.

Curbside Connections specifically features from around the globe D.I.Y. furniture projects made mostly, if not entirely, from recycled materials. The before and after pictures will be plenty and the posts will be short (with the exceptions to the posts regarding your health and safety).

About Me

I am Tumaini Rivera, a Tanzanian-born, Ohio-bred mom, wife and budding entrepreneur. Resourcefulness  and Creativity, the two main ingredients of a D.I.Y. junkie, is a natural part of my DNA.  And, by ‘DNA’ I mean those who came before me who paved the way. My uber-resourceful mother is the youngest of 11 children who lived on a farm in a one-room house in East Africa. My father, a creative genius, is an engineer by day and inventor at night. He once spent an entire summer building from scratch a  custom-made conversion van, which we traveled in for our nine-hour trips to family reunions in Alabama.  I currently dwell in a one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles with my husband and child and oh, man! does our resourceful and creative juices flow! Thank you, Mommy and Daddy!

You have several choices in websites to browse, which is why I’m especially appreciative that you took the time to visit Curbside Connections. Thank You and Welcome!

Tumaini Rivera

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Tumaini,
    Your blog is great! It’s fun to see chic clothes and furniture made from repurposed material! Thanks for including our material. How did you find us?
    Kathy at Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Montgomery County MD

  2. Hello, thank you for your interest in the Cat5 article. Please email me at

  3. Thank you Tumaini,
    For creating this site and including Re-eco!It’s fabulous!!!!

  4. Wonderful work : )

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