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DIY Stroller (reupholstered)


Reupholstering a stroller was not as hard as I thought! 


I took off the fabric (super easy), spray-painted the frame, attached new fabric. Voila!

DIY stroller idea. Check!

Total Cost: $6 (spray paint)

Step 1: Remove fabric. This step was super easy because it was all attached by screws.

Step 2: Spray paint the frame. I used an all-purpose spray paint.

Step 3. Use old fabric as a pattern for the new fabric. I also removed and reused all the attachments (seat belt, trim, etc.)

Step 4. Attach new fabric.


Author: Curbside Connections

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3 thoughts on “DIY Stroller (reupholstered)

  1. love it! great makeover. i really like your fabric choices too.

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