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Bookshelves Made from…books!


Jim Rosenau, of Berkley, California, has been making bookshelves from books for quite some time. He says the idea came from (mis)reading Nicholson Baker’s Books As Furniture. My first thought was… Are these really books? His answer..Yes, they are really books. I remove some of the paper and replace it with a sturdy armature of salvaged lumber.”

Bookshelves are not his only masterpieces. He also makes miniature furniture, clocks, etc. Check him out when you have a moment!

upcycled book clock

Author: Curbside Connections

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6 thoughts on “Bookshelves Made from…books!

  1. I love these! My son is such a book worm! I have been wanting to make him some shelves out of his old books!

  2. Super cool! Love it! 🙂 Sarah Jane Nelson

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