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I met ReUse Connection on Twitter in March of 2010 and I’ve been stalking RC since! It was love at first tweet!

“ReUse Connection is an online, knowledge-sharing platform for people from all over the world to share how they reuse materials and items.”

Ian Moise, father, dedicated eco-entrepreneur, and founder of ReUse Connection, says he “Would love a world where natural resources are used sustainably – where material goods are designed to be re-used.”

Well, I would say that 71,000+ followers (as of the writing of this post) on your facebook page is a pretty good start with that whole “world” thing.

Since participating on ReUse Connection’s page, I’ve seen the most brilliant reuses for just about everything from shower curtains to old train cars. This designer makes furniture from old refrigerators and used car seats!

 {click picture}

The actual website for ReUse Connection is in beta testing right now. Ian says, “When we launch, users will be able to exchange ideas on how to reuse materials: One user can post an item – e.g. skateboards – and then other users from around the world can post solutions – e.g. chairs or bracelets. Everyone can then join the discussion.”

{click picture}

ooh, ooh, I wanna play!

Item: Wine corks

Solution: Jewelry Display Board

{click picture}

So you see bloggers, I URGE you to go to ReUse Connection’s Facebook page and start sharing! GO!! NOW!!


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Welcome to Curbside Connections! I am a mom on a journey to build a forward-thinking eco-friendly company in a DIY kind of way. Join me on my journey as I grow this beyond my wildest dreams!

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