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Shopping Cart Furniture

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Ramon Coronado is one of a few folks across the globe who is taking “flipping furniture” to another level with his shopping cart furniture. Creative imagination, artistic prowess, and access to junk just about covers the criteria for all things FLIPPIN’ AWESOME!

Doug Meyer, owner of Rustic Rebirth in Ohio, not only makes chairs from shopping carts, but he even has a loveseat made from two (2) wheelchairs!

I was first introduced to Reestore, based in the U.K., when its owner was pitching his idea for a business that specializes in flipping furniture on Dragon’s Den, the Canadian (and original) version of American Inventor. Reestore also has a sofa made from a bathtub! Yep. A bathtub sofa.


Author: Tumaini @ Curbside Connections

Welcome to my blog, CURBSIDE CONNECTIONS - a Los Angeles-based, mom-owned blog. I specifically feature DIY furniture projects from around the globe! Follow me on Pinterest @CurbsideConnect, Tweet me @CurbsideConnect, or email me directly at

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