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Weekend DIY! Upcycled Dress from Tank Top

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Hi Weekend DIY-ers!

Yes!! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything but I want you to know that it’s because of good reason. You see, I’ve been making major improvements to Flippin’ Factory’s blog and like a true DIY-er, I’ve been doing it, well, myself. In addition to staying up when I can til 3 am to learn WordPress, I’ve been organizing all the pictures I’ve taken of all my projects, rethinking strategies for this blog, blah, blah, blah.

Although Flippin’ Factory is geared toward upcycled and recycled furniture, there are things I like to make in between those projects and I wanted to share them with you – hence Weekend DIY!

Enjoy this upcycled shirt to dress idea. Scroll to the bottom for the tutorial!


1. Cut off the hem off (the bottom of the tank top). These will be the straps on the back.

2. Cut about 4-5 inches (depending on desired length) off the bottom of tank.

3. Gather the extra fabric from step 2 then sew it back onto the bottom to make the “skirt”.
4. Cut a 4-5″ think strip of tulle (about 30-40″long), gather, sew to top of skirt right on the seam.
5. Add straps to the back. (made from step 1)
6. Paint desired pattern with non-toxic Fabric paint (follow paint directions). Let dry for about 24hrs.

7. Have your little on rock it however she wants!


Author: Curbside Connections

Welcome to Curbside Connections! I am a mom on a journey to build a forward-thinking eco-friendly company in a DIY kind of way. Join me on my journey as I grow this beyond my wildest dreams!

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