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DIY Armoire (made with fabric)

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My four-year old doesn’t watch tv. How did I do that, you ask? We don’t have cable! The only thing we have is the Roku Box, a set top device that allows you to stream Netflix movies from your online account to your television. Because television is not a focus in our one-bedroom apartment, I had to find a way to cover it. I looked high and low on the internet for ideas but couldn’t find any so I made my own. It’s an “armoire” made with fabric and wood.

How did you cover your tv?


Author: Tumaini @ Curbside Connections

Welcome to my blog, CURBSIDE CONNECTIONS - a Los Angeles-based, mom-owned blog. I specifically feature DIY furniture projects from around the globe! Follow me on Pinterest @CurbsideConnect, Tweet me @CurbsideConnect, or email me directly at

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