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Creative Reuse Centers

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As a mother to a three-year old girl I feel it is my duty to show my child that she can be, do, and, of course, MAKE anything she wants. Recently, while on my 1:30 am mompreneur lunch break, I surfed the internet for ways to donate our crafty scraps. That’s when I found them!


Creative Reuse is the process of taking used materials and making arts and crafts from them.

For educators, parents, and youth organizations, shopping at a Creative Reuse center is an inexpensive option when looking for school supplies, lesson plans, paper, etc. Some centers offer FREE classes while others double as galleries and event spaces.

ReDiscover (Los Angeles, CA)



The Creation Station (Lansing, MI)


I was prepared to spend the rest of my night creating a comprehensive list of creative reuse centers across the USA. But…if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right!?

Liz and Jeff of COSA VERDE have done a fantastic job of compiling a list of creative reuse centers by state and country.


centers for creative reuse

Happy Re-Shopping!


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