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Shipping Container Homes


You already know that Flippin’ Factory caters specifically to the recycled furniture industry. However, it dawned on me the other day that there’s no point in recycling and upcycling furniture if you don’t have a home to show off your “new” coffee table!

Although the world’s resourceful people have been using shipping containers as homes for decades, there are a growing number of skilled artists/companies who are transforming these metal treasures into luxury hotels, transportable retail buildings, schools, and soo much more!

(New York City)



Container City 2




simple modern living shipping container green nature outdoors

(New Jersey)

(Quick House built by Adam Kalkin)


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Welcome to Curbside Connections! I am a mom on a journey to build a forward-thinking eco-friendly company in a DIY kind of way. Join me on my journey as I grow this beyond my wildest dreams!

7 thoughts on “Shipping Container Homes

  1. Watching the shipping container home thing pretty hard lately. Looking for anyone with building code information. I’m not so sure containers would be allowed in my area. Maybe on mobile home lots. If you have any information let me know.

    • I live in Los Angeles and I’ve also been watching it very closely. I’m actually looking into building our home out of them as well. There are a couple of architecture firms in the Los Angeles area that have had to go through it all. One guy’s name is Peter De Maria ( and the other person is Jennifer Siegel of Office of Mobile Design ( There is a video on (click on shows then go to Room 101. You’ll have to scroll down a bit to get to the video. Here’s the link as well –

      Where do you live?

  2. I agree with the post above from Shipping Container Homes – there are a lot of shipping container buildings being put up with the “one trip” containers because they aren’t beat up, are better looking, and easier to work with. However, that does negate the “green” building idea of using these.

    I’ve done some design work trying to use the same type of construction used in shipping containers for larger structures, in particular for a proposed hotel – you can’t really have 8′ wide hotel rooms. However, the cost of shipping it from China was insane, and you have a lack of quality control. I don’t see custom building odd size shipping container type units being useful for anything but a novelty.


  3. Hi I am a big fan of container homes.

    One disturbing trend in this area is the use of nice shiny new shipping containers rather than second hand ones. It seems commercial scale developers have worked out that its actually a lot of work to get a second hand container in shape ready for the modification work.

    The luxury hotel you mentioned is one example, these are actually over sized containers made brand new in china – not exactly “green” huh

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