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Redressing the Dresser


I am NEVER passing another drawer again! These talented artists not only gave new life to old drawers, but they flipped it like gymnast Dominique Dawes at the 1991 U.S Nationals

Myriah Scruggs and Nadia Yaron of Nightwood, a Brooklyn-based business, specialize in reconstructed furniture and textiles. Not only do they make custom furniture, but they offer interior decoration and renovation. Don’t just limit these ladies to dressers. They recreate tables, desks, chairs, cabinets, etc. Visit them at

Shub Laden, German for “drawers” specifically focuses on drawers. Although they don’t show step by step how they did it, they do share that the encasements are created for the drawers. Visit them at

Rupert Blanchard, a London-based artist, has been collecting drawers for about 5 years! Rupert’s site is

I’m in LOVE with Valentine Loellmann’s drawer/table. He’s got other projects so be sure to visit Valentine’s site at

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