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Upcycled Suitcases! 


Don’t walk! RUN to your closest thrift shop, yard sale, estate sale, or wherever you shop and get some vintage suitcases!

This post is inspired by Grace, owner of! Her post on upycled suitcases reminded me of one of my own DIY project involving a suitcase, which I have yet to finish. Grace’s website is amazing! Check out what she did.


Based in NYC, Rodney Allen Trice of The Other Man’s Trash (, does incredible things with almost everyday objects. In addition to upcyled suitcases, you’ll have to check out what he does with waterhoses, crutches, and drums! They even offer classes! I’m in love.


O N  S A L E   Vintage Upcycled Suitcase Pet Bed - Brown, White, Red with Ribbon - Eco Chic

Vintage Suitcase Trunk Coffee Table

Suitcase Coffee Table from killerrobotdesign on Etsy.

Suitcase Coffee Table - Made from reclaimed materials


Author: Tumaini @ Curbside Connections

Welcome to my blog, CURBSIDE CONNECTIONS - a Los Angeles-based, mom-owned blog. I specifically feature DIY furniture projects from around the globe! Follow me on Pinterest @CurbsideConnect, Tweet me @CurbsideConnect, or email me directly at

3 thoughts on “Upcycled Suitcases! 

  1. Thanks for using my handpainted vintage suitcase as an example. Love recycling, upcycling.
    Love the little dog bed…great idea !


  2. What great ideas forr recycling old suitcases! I have seen those that are made into pet beds, and they are just adorable! thanks so much for visiting my blog, and your nice comments!

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