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Furniture made from classic cars


A Spanish company, Bel y Bel, makes really cool furniture from classic cars. To the artists at Bel y Bel – – WOW is an understatement!

Visit their website at


Author: Curbside Connections

Welcome to Curbside Connections! I am a mom on a journey to build a forward-thinking eco-friendly company in a DIY kind of way. Join me on my journey as I grow this beyond my wildest dreams!

2 thoughts on “Furniture made from classic cars

  1. Hello im tom gannon from dt peters high school i was wondering if you could tell me how long it took to make the car seat couch plaese.

    • Hi Tom,
      The name of the company that creates these awesome chairs is BEL Y BEL and they are located in Barcelona, Spain. I’m not sure how long it takes for to create their couches or chairs but please feel free to contact them directly at ESTUDICREATE@BELYBEL.COM. They also have a contact form you can fill out on their website!

      Have fun and if you make a chair like the ones they have, you’ll have to share your pics with us.


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